Friday, August 15, 2008

She is 60+2 !

She reminds me of a video forward which I recently saw, where a small kid looks at her and says "You are a senior citizen now"; and the camera focuses on her, she still flies in the air briskly showing off her colours.

Another year gone but still feel the same way as felt last year, about the I-day. Another holiday? Wake up late in the morning, hold deep thoughts whether to take bath or not, out of laziness brush the teeth and have a heavy breakfast, keep watching television browsing channels for I-day special movies.

The flag hoisting, the national anthem, the songs, the special plays, the speeches , the tri-color, the excitement etc. which were made mandatory in schools and colleges seem to slowly vanish?
No way! Either celebrating for the gold medal after 2.8 decades; or the sudden disappointment within , looking at the name 'India' going lower in the Olympics medal tally; Patriotism- is still the same!

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