Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The 2.30 pm feeling!

I saw an ad about a product that keeps you awake from the 2.30 pm drowsiness. That made me wonder, why in the first place we feel sleepy at 2.30 in the afternoon.

Maybe when the human body was designed, it was supposed to be relaxed twice in a day, one during the night and another in the noon. Maybe, just like how the Americans adjust to the daylight savings, mankind was made or forced to adjust with only one sleep-time(during night). The body got used to sleeping during night. This was a forced rule against mankind, is what I conclude with. And I hate meetings scheduled at 2.30 in the afternoon. That being the case, imagine 2.30pm classes in schools.


Neha said...

Haha..enjoyed this post:)
Do you have 2:30 PM classes in your course? ;-)

Anuradha said...

Luckily no Neha.
But I have slept a lot during my 2.30 pm meetings at work...