Sunday, November 15, 2009

I know why he hates MLM's

We were busy checking out new arrivals in a bookstore here in local Atlanta. A nicely dressed Indian woman approaches me and kick-starts a conversation. And me, without knowing that I am the prey of the day, for the marketing tricks of this MLM business; smiled at her and started to reciprocate. I really don't have any idea to explain you what it is, because I am not interested in doing it. But as he says in his rusted blog, these MLM people intrude into other's privacy to spread their business; is what I hate about it.

And guess what, they dont spare the Americans too.


siddharth said...

When the MLM people hunt you, time to talk to them about your MLM scheme

Am sure they would run away. I had a frnd who was pushing me on Gold Quest, and I suppose they did loose their money.

My then girl friend, now wife and my ex crush, now fiance of some one and later wife of him threatened me with dire consequences if I accepted that offer.

Thanks ladies !

Anuradha said...

Yeah I am going to do MLM for 'Modern LED Diapers' made to help even fathers clean up their kid's mess. Lemme see how many people patiently listen to what I explain...

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