Monday, May 11, 2009

Status change!!!

In the third decade of my life, an all new phase has begun. Missing my 'Miss' status from the moment I said 'Yes, I do.....', I became his lawful wife. Knowing him for nearly half a decade, I did not have the feel of an 'all new' environment during the start. The 'Shift' from one home to the other left behind tears of joy as well as sorrow in the respective homes. Of course, this is the story of every girl in this planet!

The dear ones with whom I was with, right from the time of my birth, are now far far away from me. The tradition says, they belong to my secondary home from now on. And my primary home now includes my husband and my parents-in-law. Luckily or unluckily I don't hold a sister-in-law status for anyone!

Kitchen used to be a forbidden area before marriage. Now it is the laboratory for me to practice and experiment, though there are no viva-voce or practical examinations. My husband now is a rat( or should I say cat) here, on whom I experiment my inventions on. Poor fellow, never disheartens me!

Right or wrong, funny or not-so-funny, I have to keep smiling all the time; in my new home; especially when the brothers and sisters of my parents-in-law crack jokes (they call it a joke)! My facial expressions include a smiley curve all-time, at least for the first few months; as they call us 'newly wed'. And of course, now I don't know what 'anger' means. Once upon a time my mother used to be the victim of my anger. I miss being with my mom!

No more bed-coffees; no more late-evening bath on Sundays; no more depending on mom for fish-curry, or rather no more fish-curry at home. Before marriage, mom hardly praises me, she was my queen of criticisms. Now she hardly scolds me, though I miss being her victim. I see a lot of fear in her eyes - worrying every minute for her daughter's well-being.

I am one of the lucky daughters-in-law around the world, for whom breakfast gets ready even before waking up. Searching for wood to touch...

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