Thursday, January 01, 2009

New Year Day?

For me the year started off with a working day! While returning home that day, I had a chat with a friend of mine which went like this;

Me : Shyam, for sure this traffic is going to take another hour for us to reach our place. ECR (East Coast Road in Chennai) is flooded with vehicles. Look at this, even the temple zone is jammed with traffic.
Shyam: People are trying to pour their devotion on a single day. Check out tomorrow, this temple will be deserted.
Me: Actually one can debate whether to celebrate January 1st as the New Year Day or not.
Shyam: Who asked us to? Why celebrate January 1st as New Year Day? Why not April 14Th for that matter?
Me: Come on! Then we in India will have too many New Year's Day.One for Tamils, one for Malayalees, one for Telagites and so on....
Shyam:It was just because Englishmen invaded us, we celebrate this day as the New Year Day. Its according to the English calendar. Imagine, if they had not invaded India we would not even be speaking English for that matter. They imparted the language too into us.
Me: If Britain had not invaded India, and have not imparted English in us, then India would definitely have not been like Japan, for that matter; wherein people speak at least a common language- Japanese. Indians would have ended up speaking Hindi, Punjabi, Gujarati and what not....
Shyam: Yeah, also Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu and so on....Each state would have fought for their own language and would have divided India like what happened to the European countries. Each state in India would have been a separate country by now.

The conversation just came on our way , just like that; and ended as we approached our destinations.But the topic was wandering in my mind for sometime.A controversial thought to start with.

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