Tuesday, July 29, 2008

'Hanu' in Dasa

I am still wondering why I have not come up with the second part of my review. Have I got bored of reading a hundred reviews here and there about it? No matter how 'big' the movie is, these days none of them seem to attract me for long.

And for all you guys who wonder, what the name of the monkey which appears in Dasavatharam is - Hanu and not, Anu. Hanu as in Hanuman!!! I had got enough teasing while watching the movie itself. I accept man evolved from monkey, but then this 'Hanu' looks very unhealthy and skinny.Next time you watch the movie take a look at its face.

Awesome punch by Govind: Kadavul illanu naan sollala, irundha nalla irukum nu thaan solren. Anbe Venkataachalam!