Monday, December 25, 2006

Is it safe???

My blog status gives me a clear picture of how much i work these days. Being in a software industry I cant imagine coming back home before it becomes dark. At times got to slog for 12 -14 hours in front of the monitor just to complete a chunk of code. I never mind working for hours but the real pain comes when travelling for hours together to work. If the travel time is lesser I wish I could afford a few more hours for constructive working!!!

People say IT industry pays more just for sitting in an air-conditioned room. Beware! A software engineer deserves the credits for the quantity of work he does. I have seen men doing frequent night-outs mostly when they are unable to complete the task before their deadline. Or at times they never look into their watches when they are lost in 'coding'. And later when they realize they got to leave for home the time would have been eleven or more in the night. Worst part is few make daring moves of travelling in late nights. Practically a bad practice. These days the young-minds never bother about the problems they face on their way home, especially in crowded cities like Bangalore or Chennai.

Though in many companies there is a provision of late-night shuttle services, I still consider it a risk traveling in the night. Most companies insist for a security person in a cab to accompany a lady employee especially when she is the last drop. But not many companies follow this trend.One cannot forget the wild death of Prathibha Murty in Bangalore. And a few other cases which were not brought to light. And in most of the cases the victim is a woman.There are few other companies where there are not much facilities and still want their employees to work for long hours. Proper security and facilities are a must for employees of a concern. After all they are responsible for the growth of the company.It’s not just with women employees, these days the professional culprits have developed their skills in looting the men too.Maybe a few Karate techniques would help at times.

One way by which problems could be stopped are to try and complete the task before it gets too late.Safe Driving!

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